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Why Having 2 Phones For Business and Personal Is A Waste of Money!

Should I have 2 phones and separate my business and personal, or should I just get a dual SIM device? Oh, the decisions we have to make these days. Now, this is a question I have been getting asked more and more, and the answer is quite simple. Having 2 separate handsets, 1 for personal and 1 for business is a complete waste of money, no matter how cheap the second device is. Let me break this all down for you.


One of the big myths when I just moved to Trinidad was that people thought dual sim phones were bootlegged devices. That could not be further from the truth. 95% of all the manufacturers are in Asia, and they all make dual sim devices for their markets. When a service provider from America or Canada makes an order for the model, 9/10 times they convert the device to single sim for that market. Since most retailers in Trinidad & Tobago buy devices from Miami wholesalers, you are usually going to get the American model of the device you have purchased. Dual sim devices are the real deal and are not a knockoff.


Now, as smartphones are becoming more sophisticated and have more customizations available. The things you can do with dual sim devices now, make a good dual sim device a better investment than buying 2 separate devices.


Dual Sim Settings


For starters, you can have your devices set up where once 2 sims are in the device, you can pick right in the dialer screen which sim you want to use to make the call or you can have preference sims setup to place all outgoing calls. You are even able to set up the device that if you are on a call on SIM 1, you can setup SIM 2 to forward the call to SIM 1 to give you the Call Waiting effect instead of having it go directly to Voicemail.


Dual Whatsapp’s on 1 device is heaven sent. We all know that if you are using your device at 1 am and Whatsapp says you are online, chances are there are customers that will definitely decide to message you. Now, I send businesses messages at 1 am on Facebook or Email, but I don’t expect a response. Customers seeing you online on Whatsapp however, actually expect a response as they know you are available. Best thing to do is separate your business and personal Whatsapp, that way you never give customers the impression that you are available for those ungodly hours.


Do Not Disturb


One feature I love with having a dual sim device is the simple fact that I can turn off the service for my business line outside of business hours and have it go directly to voicemail. If you have not gotten acquainted with your Do Not Disturb mode, maybe you should. I have my business line set to go to Voicemail outside of my business hours which I can set up inside the setting of my device.


Now in terms of saving money, if you are a business owner, you know you got to try to save money wherever you can. That being said, if you are a using 2 Whatsapp and need to be readily available on it, why bother paying for 2 data plans when you can have just the one?  Heck, I actually have 1 postpaid line, and the other on prepaid. That allows me to have my unlimited local and long distance calls, and data and my 2nd line I top up with $10/month just to keep it active, but it allows me to receive calls for free.


Whether you choose to do your personal number on postpaid and business on prepaid or vice versa, you can decide what makes the most sense for you to do.


Android Profiles


Profiles on Android devices also allow you to customize your profile for your personal use and see when you are going to work and need to use your device for presentations, or passing your device to clients or co-workers for whatever reason. You can set up a business profile so that they are unable to see your personal details and information on the device, which is usually one of the main reasons people have 2 separate devices as well.


Lastly, If you are anything like me and are forgetful. Being responsible for 2 devices as small as a smartphone is easy to forget. At least when you have 2 of them to look after. I would always forget my 2nd device somewhere, and half the time it would be my business line, which would never be good for business.


Honestly, the only time you need two phones is if your main device is an iPhone and you need another line. Outside of that, there aren’t many other situations that two separate handsets even make sense. 


So to recap, having one device allows you to get 1 data plan to use for both numbers, 1 handset to remember to pick up, you can create profiles to separate personal and business information, you can have dual Whatsapp to keep your business and & personal lines separate and you can receive all your phone calls on 1 device.


If you are still wondering if you should have 1 device or 2 separate devices for your situation, you can give me a call or a message and we will weigh out all the pros and cons for you.




Keron Mcleish

Keron McLeish is the owner of Droid Island and has over 10+ years of international experience working for some of the biggest brands in mobile such as Apple, Telus, and Rogers. He is located in Trinidad and Tobago and is a trusted mobile expert in the region. In his off time, he can be found shooting airballs on the basketball court or eating a bake and shark on the beach.

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