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B-Mobile: The Unlimited Plan or Scam?

Bmobile launched their Unlimited Campaign Aug 25 with much fanfare and what was supposed to be a feature and service to be well received, I have seen a lot of hate towards the new service. So much so that I have gotten countless requests to weigh in and give my thoughts on whether the Unlimited plans are good or if it’s just another unlimited scam.

Let’s start dive into the fair usage policy as this is where the publics outcry stems from:

PlanData Usage ThresholdVoice Usage Threshold
Postpaid 20gb18,000mins
Prepaid Day 3gb600mins
Prepaid Week10gb4200mins
Prepaid Month20gb18,000mins


Now the argument is that these plans are being touted as “Unlimited” but when checking out B-Mobiles website for more information on the plans, you will find in an asterisks below the information on the so called “Unlimited Plans”, you will find a tidbit of important info letting you know that the plans are subject to their fair usage policy.

Under their prepaid section is a link to their fair usage policy, but under the postpaid plans, they let you know that their “Unlimited Data” is capped at 20gb. Thus rendering your unlimited plans, limited.

So what’s my take on this, is this plan the real deal or is it a scam? Now coming from Canada, we have had a few services providers that offer Unlimited services and those same plans are subject to their own fair usage policies which closely resemble B-Mobiles with 1 major difference. B-mobile currently uses a hard cap. Which means once you have reached those limits, you are officially cut off until your next eligible billing cycle or to when you re-purchase the pre paid plan again.

Other companies use the throttle method, which means that once those limits are hit, they begin to slow your speeds down so that you allow other users on the network a chance to enjoy those blazing fast speeds these telecoms companies love to talk about.

B-Mobile has come out and said that for the moment they need to use the hard cap, and in future will look towards the throttle method. Hopefully, they switch to this sooner rather than later because as of this very moment, they are not offering Unlimited plans yet that is what is being sold to the public in the name. This type of misguiding language could lead to actionable consequences against the company if somebody dared to take them on.

Overall you are getting some good LTE speeds and with the onslaught of hi-powered LTE devices on the market, B-Mobile is currently your only home for those types of speeds that your devices need to take it to the next level. However, if you are in search for some real unlimited plans, you may have to wait a bit longer for that to happen.

Think of it as the 20gb plan, and not Unlimited, if you need more than 20gb, then there are not many options out there for you. As always, check your usage and see if this is really even going to affect you.  Given that Wifi is everywhere, the avg consumer doesn’t surpass 3gb of data per month. If you are a heavy gamer, a streamer of music/video with the wealth of services on the market, this may pose a problem but try to make due with what you have until better is available to us.

On the flip side, this offering is slightly cheaper than what Digicel is offering. Digicel is offering Unlimited calls/text/WhatsApp, 20gb of data for $750. Bmobile is actually giving you this but for $673.88 (Vat Inclusive). Digicel, however, is not calling their plan “Unlimited” and that’s where the problems stem from. Digicel gives you the music subscription included, pay your bill on time and get your data to roll over to the next month…all that for an additional $76.12. What you need to decide is if this is enough to offset not having LTE speeds from B-Mobile.

So, what do you guys think, is this a great plan or the great scam? Do you guys come close to 20gb of usage? Is the Digicel plan a better offering? Let us know in the comments below.


*** UPDATE ***

I just wanted to give an update on the topic of the Unlimited data and the hard cap at 20GB. After speaking with B-Mobile today, you guys know I look out for the public and I was able to get some more clarification. Some of the information via their website was outdated and they have vowed to update the information on changes much sooner to avoid any misinterpretations of the plans. The data plans when they launched were initially hard capped and are actually being throttled now if you manage to reach that 20gb threshold.

Speeds are being throttled down to 256kbps and if customers are going way beyond the threshold, they reserve the right to limit further. Now 20gb’s of data is a ton of data, given the fact that most people don’t even make to 5gb/month. So you will be able to utilize unlimited data at the full LTE speeds up till 20gb and after that will be subjected to the fair usage policy and be throttled. That is in line with international standards.


Here is T-Mobile’s (U.S.A) Policy in regards to their Unlimited plans fair usage policy:

Why does T-Mobile do this? (Fair Usage Policy In Full)

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for as many customers as possible. Data prioritization is one way we accomplish this, especially at times and locations with network congestion. It’s described in more detail in T-Mobile’s Open Internet Disclosures here. Our policy is also in line with common industry standards for network management, which are designed optimize network performance and service. Every wireless provider maintains policies that govern network traffic management because there is a fixed amount of network capacity available at each cell tower.

I just got a text from you about reaching a 32GB data limit. What does it mean? (T-Mobile)

It looks like you’ve used 30GB or more of data overall in this bill cycle. After 32GB, you still get unlimited LTE data but may at times notice reduced speeds in areas with network congestion.


I hope this clears up everything and don’t hesitate to contact B-Mobile if you need to check out your avg usage and see if their unlimited plans make sense for you or not.


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