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B-Mobile Vs Digicel Pt 2: Who Is The Better Mobile Network?

Here in the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago, we are going through probably our biggest technological changes that the island has seen to date.

We have introduced the likes of 4G LTE through B-Mobile, we finally have FTTH available through Digicel, Massy/B-mobile. Smartphones are no longer the unaffordable accessory and have now found their way into almost every available palm.

It now begs the question, who is the better network? Who has the best services to fit your needs and pockets? Who offers the best customer service?

Now we won’t have all the answers, but we will break down what we can and encourage everyone to get involved and comment on your experiences and preferences. Our companies can only make changes if the voices of the public are heard.

So let us begin taking a look at a few areas of both of our service providers. Now all information we analyse will be from both providers websites if the information is outdated, we apologise and hopefully, that will be a lesson for the companies to keep their info on their respective websites up to date and relevant.

1) Device Selection

Now as we go through both companies website’s, we click on their device section to see what’s new in the smartphone world and try to find a device that we would like to throw money behind.

As we know, it all starts with the device, since it will be what we are using to do everything from taking pictures, videos, messaging, video calling, web browsing, emails, gaming, and oh yea calling people.

Now right off the bat, we realise one major important. Arguably one of the best devices is missing from the front page, the products page and in the case of Digicel, does not exist on their website.

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+.

We managed to find it on B-Mobiles website, but only after doing a search and then realising it is tucked away under the promotions tab. Digicel does sell the device as we have seen some launch photos on their Facebook.

Since we are going to be fair, again we stress we are only using the information available to us on their respective websites. B-Mobile offers the Samsung S8 outright for $9399 and the S8+ for $10,549. You can take one of their monthly plans for a reduction in price. Digicel, we have no information on the costs of the device, you will have to call or visit your nearest location for information.

Based on their websites, the 2nd best phones we are seeing for B-Mobile would be the Huawei P8 or P9 Lite and for Digicel, it would be the Samsung S7 or iPhone 7 respectively. Now I would like to point out that the Huawei P8 came out April 2015  and the P9 came out April 2016. We would love to see these companies put forth a better effort in keeping a current product line.

Thoughts: Well strictly basing this on their websites, B-Mobile does have one of the top devices listed in the S8. Digicel does have a better selection overall with more quality devices listed but no sign of the S8 on the website. This is not taking into account the private dealers for both companies who bring in their own selection of devices either.

Decision: Digicel


2) Prepaid Plans

Prepaid is a very popular choice amongst the public, so this is an area that is of importance to people when looking at a potential provider. Both companies have over the last couple months revised and simplified their prepaid plans to make them easy to understand all the while offering value. We all value different things, so let us take a look at the plans being offered. 


B-Mobile Prepaid Plans

(Click the pic for more information on B-Mobiles prepaid plans)


Digicel 30day plan

Unlimited Digicel Talk & SMS$240 ($8/day)
Unlimited Whatsapp Messaging
200 anywhere Minutes
3 GB Data
*Bonus Offer* – FREE D’Music Premium subscription + 100 Anywhere Mins


Digicel 10 Day prepaid plan

Unlimited Digicel Talk + Text$100 ($10/day)
Unlimited Whatsapp Messaging
100 Anywhere Mins
1GB Data


Digicel 3 day prepaid plan

Unlimited Digicel Talk +Text$50 ($16.67/day)
Unlimited Whatsapp Messaging
30 anywhere Mins
300 MB Data

Thoughts: Outside of the 10-day plan on Digicel, the prices are pretty much equal. They both offer unlimited calling to numbers on their respective networks and unlimited text.

Digicel offers unlimited Whatsapp messaging (not voice or video calls) that will not take away from your data pool. If you purchase Digicel’s 30day plan, they also throw in free youtube and 100 additional minutes. The anywhere minutes for both companies can be used to call any local number and long distance to the US, Canada, UK and the Caribbean. Both networks will have their own different restrictions on long distance calls, so you can visit their websites or call for more information.

Lastly, the data pools are the same except for Digicel’s 10-day plan which offers 1GB of data, while B-Mobiles 7-day plan offers 750mb of data. We also point out B-Mobile is the only carrier in Trinidad with 4G-LTE and you can check their coverage map to see if you can access this.

Winner: Both networks are pretty even but we prefer B-Mobile in this category. They seem to have fewer restrictions on long distance calls and they do have LTE for those in need of the turbocharged data speeds.

Digicel does offer unlimited WhatsApp messaging, but since messages don’t use up much data, you may never notice the difference. They are both very similar, but it is important for you to do your own homework and determine your needs to make the ultimate choice.


3) Postpaid Plans

This is where things get interesting. B-Mobile has 6 plans while Digicel has 4 plans. We will leave a link to both companies postpaid plan sections so you can check them out.

Here are some notables, however. B-Mobile offers an Unlimited everything plan…well technically. The Everything Premium plan for $599 offers you Unlimited local calls, 75min international calls, Unlimited local data*, unlimited text, 25 min voice roaming and 25mb data roaming. The unlimited local data is actually not unlimited, there is a bit of false advertising going on here. Usually companies that offer unlimited data will throttle your speeds when you reach a certain limit, however, B-Mobile cuts you off at 20gb. So it is not unlimited but you do get 20gb of data.  

Digicel’s top plan the postpaid $499 offers you 10gb+ unlimited social, unlimited calls local/intl (U.S., Canada, UK landline, Digi Caribbean), unlimited text and their music subscription. We don’t want to bore you with listing out all the plans so can click B-Mobile Postpaid or Digicel Postpaid.

Thoughts: It is good to note that you can get unlimited calling local/long distance for as low as $336 VAT inclusive with Digicel, the cheapest plan with unlimited local calling. B-Mobile starts from $525 and you only get 75 long distance min. B-mobile does like to throw in long distance min, roaming min/data for the person who occasionally travels and may need to shoot a message or a quick call. It is also good to note that B-Mobiles monthly plans are all LTE ready.

Winner: Digicel. Digicel we feel simplifies the monthly plans and takes out the thinking when it comes to minutes overages. For data, every smartphone allows you to set your data limits and cut the phones data connection off when you hit the limit so you can protect yourself.

We have reached the era of streaming, and both companies should start to look into true unlimited plans with throttling when a cap is reached. With devices like the LG G6 out and Netflix’s new HDR and Dolby Vision, people will want to be able to stream without worry of overages on the go if they are not in an area of WiFi.


4) Customer Service

This is a topic where we want to hear from you, the public. Ultimately, everyone has their own experiences and given the fact, there are only two telecommunications providers, we don’t have much choice.

This doesn’t give much worry to the providers because with a lack of options, they can do things on their terms and on their time. We don’t have a mechanism in place to measure this, so let us hear from everyone who reads this.

Leave a comment, even if it is just to say you prefer customer service with B-Mobile or Digicel. If you want to share your experiences, then feel free to do that as well.


5) Network

So you picked yourself up a fancy new smartphone, and now you’re ready to pick a provider who is going to give you the best coverage, minimal dead spots, blazing fast data speeds at a wonderful price. No point in having a top device if it can’t work when you need it to.

We tried to find the coverage map for B-Mobile and could not find it, we contacted them and we were told they do not have the map on their website. Come on B-Mobile, it is 2017, we can do better.

Here is the link for Digicel’s coverage map (Click here).

In the time of streaming, information, messaging, speed is the name of the game. Digicel is still using 4G HSPA+, and B-Mobile has taken the leap to retrofit their existing network to give 4G LTE speeds. Hopefully the government figures out what they want to do with the golden 700mhz spectrum so that we can really begin the evolution into LTE and beyond.

Drop a comment and let us know who you have the best experience with in terms of coverage. Dual sim phones are great to have, that way you should always be with coverage. You can also share in the comments your dropped call rates, nobody likes to have convos interrupted due to call drops.

Thoughts: For us, speed is everything. B-Mobile has been spreading their mobile LTE pretty quickly, and here is the link for their current cities of LTE coverage (Click here). B-Mobile does specify on their website that their system uses per second billing, which means if you use 10 seconds, you get billed for 10 seconds.

We did not find any sign of this on Digicel’s website, when we called in to ask the question, the rep was unsure. Maybe someone from Digicel can clear this up for us.

Winner: B-Mobile. You are able to get a package that consists of 20gb of data, LTE speeds. Not too bad if you want to stream or play online games on the go. 


Okay, so we took a look at 5 key areas that customers usually take a look at when picking a service provider. Hopefully, we created some awareness and sparked the much-needed conversations amongst consumers of who really is the best network in T&T.

Do not forget to like or share this article, and we thank you for following along with us.

Keron Mcleish

Keron McLeish is the owner of Droid Island and has over 10+ years of international experience working for some of the biggest brands in mobile such as Apple, Telus, and Rogers. He is located in Trinidad and Tobago and is a trusted mobile expert in the region. In his off time, he can be found shooting airballs on the basketball court or eating a bake and shark on the beach.

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