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Find My Device: How to Track, Wipe, Lock your Device

So you are having a night out with your friends, you get some food and have a few drinks with your friends. You reach into your pocket to take a pic to upload on your Instagram page, and your stomach literally hits the ground. Your phone is missing. What do you do?

The other day my girlfriend called me from work and was frantic that she had lost her phone on the maxi. After getting her to calm down, she gave me her email address and I jumped on the Find My Device page immediately. I locked her device and watched her phone on the live map travel from City Gate back to Arima.

While coming back up from Arima, as it came closer to me in St Augustine, I went out to the bus route and as the device came to my location, I managed to jump on the Maxi. 

As I pressed the page button, I heard the phone start to ring and told the Maxi drive to give me a quick second as I retrieved her phone, all in one piece. 🙂

So let me show you how I did all that with this tutorial. Let us take a closer look at the Find My Device feature.

Find My Device aka Android Device Manager

Before you can use Find My Device (Formerly known as Android Device Manager), you must turn on Android Device Manager and make sure the device is associated with your Google account.

  1. Open your device settings app
  2. Tap Security
  3. Select Device Administrators
  4. Select Android Device Manager and hit activate.
  5. Type in your Google search browser on your computer “Find My Device”
  6. Log in using your Google account associated with your phone

** Note ** With Android devices from Marshmallow 6.0 and up, this is already turned on but always good to make sure that it is activated. 

Once logged in you will be presented with three options. It is important to know that the map on your screen shows where your device is in real time. Your phone must also have data or be connected to WIFI to be tracked. The first thing you should do if your device is lost is select the “lock” option and set a password.



Find My Device


Play Sound


When you select this option, your phone will be paged. If your phone is on silent, this command will override the silent profile and let out a ring for you to locate the device.


Find My Device




When this option is selected, you are able to lock your device from the server. You are able to set a password and enter in recovery information so that if found, someone can contact you and return the device. The only thing the finder can do is call the number that you set during this option. 




You select this option when you feel like all hope is lost. If there is no chance of you getting your device back, selecting this option will wipe all of your information on the device when it reconnects to the network. Also, you will lose access to Device Manager once this option has been used.

Android Device Manager is Google built in security. There are third-party security apps that come with a host of features. If you are using a third-party app, let us know in the comments which one, you are using and what features you like.


Find My Device App



Find My Device App


You can also download the Find My Device App, on another Android device. This will allow you to access all of those options without having to use the computer. You can sign in as a guest from your friend’s device, and you will be able to Page, Lock, Wipe your device from the application. 




Keron Mcleish

Keron McLeish is the owner of Droid Island and has over 10+ years of international experience working for some of the biggest brands in mobile such as Apple, Telus, and Rogers. He is located in Trinidad and Tobago and is a trusted mobile expert in the region. In his off time, he can be found shooting airballs on the basketball court or eating a bake and shark on the beach.

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