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How To Pay

So you have decided to take the journey with us and make a purchase from the Droid Island store. Yes, I said journey because the support starts before the sale, during the sale and most importantly continues after the sale. 

For the convenience to all of our clients, we use the wonderful new payment system called Wipay. So because this is a brand new payment system here in the Caribbean, we decided to give you a little information on it and why we chose it.

For starters, Wipay allows clients to pay for goods & services with credit card anddddd Cash. That’s right! You are able to pay with cash online thanks to their system. 

How this works, is that when you create your Wipay account, you are able to visit NLCB booths or Massy stores to purchase Wipay vouchers to top up your account. You can also do bank transfers to add money to your Wipay account. This will allow you to pay merchants accepting Wipay in the Caribbean. 

Lastly, you can sign up for their virtual credit card, so that when you top up your account, you can use their virtual card to purchase products online internationally. 

To sign up for Wipay please visit

Sign up now to begin purchasing your products from your favourite mobile store, Droid Island. 


Want to sign up for a Wipay account? Click the link to get started.