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Kodi: Top 7 Reasons Why You Need It and Need It Now!!!

I am sure by now you have heard of Kodi and the wonderful things that you can do with this software.

Even though it is a free download across multiple devices, you need to do some homework into how to program it to get the most out of it.

We give you our top 6 reasons why you should be using Kodi right now if you aren’t already.


1) Free – Well if there isn’t a word my fellow Trinbagonians love more than the word FREE, I don’t know what else lol. Yes, Kodi is a free download across all platforms which range from CPU’s, Android, Windows mobile, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Linux, and Mac Os.

It does take a little research to program the software as downloading it is not enough. You will be left with an empty program until you configure it the way you would like to. Hence why you see a lot of retailers offering the service to do this exact thing for you.

No two retailers are alike, and there are many ways to program Kodi, so find somebody you trust that is knowledgeable in setting up your Kodi.


2) Bigger Library Than Netflix – Are you one of those people still using Netflix in 2016? You need to stop immediately. Limited streams, price increases, no more VPN support, limited library.

I cannot think of any reason you should be spending your money on Netflix when Kodi is here.

Kodi provides an unlimited library and there will always be something to watch when you turn this bad boy on.


3) Access to Movies, TV Series, Live TV – With the right configuration, you are able to access the latest movies, TV series and live TV.

We are talking about movies that just came out in theaters, to movies that date back to the 60’s. Also, there is access to thousands of live TV channels.

As a new episode of your favorite show airs, it is up on Kodi for you to go and enjoy.


4) HD Content – Get access to all your movies and TV series in HD. As long as you have an HD output device, you will be able to utilize all of the great HD links.


5) Multiple Device Usage – One of the things that frustrate all Netflix users is the warning sign that all streams are in use. Well because Kodi works as independent software on your device, you will never have this problem again.

That means if everyone in your home as a device with Kodi on it, you can all watch your own programs without having to worry.


6) The Real Netflix Killer – I had to bring this back up because I can’t stress this enough. If you are using Netflix in 2016, you are living under a rock.

There is no advantage or anything special being offered by Netflix that Kodi doesn’t do better in every aspect. I kept Netflix for so long because of the original content and VPN support (allows you to trick your CPU to think it is in another country so you can access their Netflix library).

Since Kodi has all the original Netflix content and there is no more VPN support, Netflix will never see a penny from me again.

They can keep their limited library.


7) No More Bootleg Man – It amazes me to see the bootleg man thriving here in T&T. The only people who should be visiting these guys are people living in remote areas with no access to the internet and all they have is a DVD player, you guys are excused.

Everybody else, save your money, invest in a device that can run Kodi and never visit your bootleg man again.

There are more important things to spend your money on now than bootlegs.



So there you have it, our top 7 reasons why you should be using Kodi. If there are any reasons you felt like we missed, drop a comment below.

Are you still one of those people who still use Netflix? Let us know why in the comments below.


Keron Mcleish

Keron McLeish is the owner of Droid Island and has over 10+ years of international experience working for some of the biggest brands in mobile such as Apple, Telus, and Rogers. He is located in Trinidad and Tobago and is a trusted mobile expert in the region. In his off time, he can be found shooting airballs on the basketball court or eating a bake and shark on the beach.

1 comment on “Kodi: Top 7 Reasons Why You Need It and Need It Now!!!

  1. Nicole Theroulde-Francis October 24, 2016 / Reply

    I love my device very much, thank you Mr. Mc Leish, as you mentioned above, people who still use Netflix, living under a rock, lol, “Netflix Who”. Thanks for your expertise. Keep doing you.

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