Mr Droid’s Android Aftercare E Book


New to Android? Having a bad user experience over time? Have problems with storage disappearing? Misplaced your device and want to get it back? This book is a guide to teach you all the basics of Android that will allow you to have the best user experience possible.

** Bonus **

You will also get the Droid Island starter kit guide. It’s a cheat sheet that you can quickly reference so that you can ensure you are doing the Android best practices.


Android Aftercare

The Android mobile computing system is the most complex platform on the market to date. It also has the biggest learning curve between the different mobile platforms. One of the key components that contribute to consumers not having the best experience of the platform, is the lack of understanding how to maintain their device.

Whether it be how to keep your device running smooth, storage management, battery maintenance, or even finding a misplaced device. Most people do not know what they need to search for to even find those answers online, or I always get asked if manufacturers are including manuals in these devices for them to learn how to properly use it.

I sat down and looked at some of the top complaints by customers and wrote down some of the core solutions so that it alleviates your stress down the road. Mobile devices will always be changing, and so will the software. However, there are some core fundamentals of Android that have stayed relatively the same over time.

So this book is aimed at giving you a proper foundation to have a better user experience on your Android device.


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