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The Bmobile Tego App: For All My World Cup People!

The world cup is here and in full swing and the most important question I have been getting here at Droid Island is, what is the best way to watch the games while on the Go? Now, due to my unpredictable schedule, this was a concern of mine as I have not wanted to leave my home office until the World Cup finished.


This prompted me to check around and see what we have available locally to facilitate my schedule and allow me to leave my house without the worries of missing even a second of the action.


Hello Bmobile Tego


I had been seeing both Digicel & Bmobile advertising their respective apps for streaming the World Cup games, and the minute I made up my mind to look for an app, my social feeds began flooding with their adverts.


In checking out both of the applications and their respective feature sets online, I will spoil the surprise and let you know that I ended up picking the Bmobile Tego App.


Since I know many of you are looking to jump in on the action whilst at work or on the go, let me quickly break down why I purchased a subscription with Bmobile Tego.




The Bmobile Tego app has a wide variety of useful features that make it worthwhile. My favourites being the ability to Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind the action. You don’t need to wait for the hosts to rewind the game if there is something that you wanted to see again.


You also have access to all of the games that have been already played, on demand!!! So if you aren’t able to catch the match live, you can go back and watch it on your time and the matches will be available up to 3 months after the World Cup. If the finals is a historic one, we will be able to relieve that match for some time.


The app also gives you access to team photos, stats, match lineups, Pre/post & halftime commentary and you also get notified when games are coming up.


Who Can Access The App?


Regardless of who your service provider is, you will be pleased to know that everyone has access to the app. However, if you are a Bmobile customer and you are on one of their unlimited plans, you will have access to the Tego app for free.


If you are a Digicel client or you are not on Bmobiles Unlimited plans, you can purchase the activation code for $100ttd plus VAT at your nearest NLCB booth or Bmobile clients can text wcup(9287) to 2018. For Bmobile customers, you also have another added benefit of the streams not counting against your data pool. 


Key Differences between the Digicel Football Pass & Bmobile Tego App


When I was comparing it to the Digicel Playgo Football Pass and the Bmobile Tego App, one of the main reasons I went with the Bmobile app was the value you are getting. Bmobile took the additional step of listing out a lot of the features that the app can do, specifically in regards to the World Cup.


I’m someone that doesn’t like to go hunting around on your platform to find basic information. So while I know most of you are really jumping on these mobile apps so that you can watch the World Cup, It is important for you to see how best the apps will be able to give you what you want, for the best World Cup experience.


The Digicel Page however simply talks about the price, the 2 different passes they offer and how to activate it. It would have been nice if we had gotten more information on what type of features will be available to us to watch the world cup.

Access to stats, on-demand games, photos, all of those things are so crucial in keeping up to speed with everything happening within the world cup. Right off the bat, I knew what to expect from Bmobile without having to purchase the app because everything was listed out on their website.

Another thing to note is that with the Digicel Football Pass, as soon as your subscription expires, you won’t have access to see any further games until you subscribe again. With Bmobile, it is a 1x payment for all the games, and its accessible up to 3 months after the World Cup. 




Lastly, when all the comparisons were done, the only thing left was to see how much either service was going to run. If you are a Bmobile customer that does not have one of their unlimited plans or you are on the Digicel network, the Bmobile activation code will run you $100ttd plus VAT for all 64 matches, and access to all the games up to 3 months after the world cup.

The Digicel Football pass comes in the form of 2 options. 1) $15ttd for 24hrs of Play Go action, and 2) $230ttd for 30 days of Play Go Action. 

For me, this was pretty much a no-brainer here. 


In Conclusion


If you are looking for the best experience to watch the World Cup, with a wide array of features so that you are up to date and do not miss any action, and you want to do so at a great price, my friend, go and get yourself the Bmobile Tego App and grab a code by your nearest NLCB. As I write this, I am currently sitting on my balcony with a nice beverage, streaming the Serbia & Switzerland match from the Bmobile app on my tablet.


For more info on the Bmobile Tego App, hit the link —> Bmobile Tego 

For more info on the Digicel Play Go Football pass, hit the link —> Digicel Football Pass


P.s If you want to know who Mr Droid is backing this world cup, Vive La France.


Paul Pogba dancing

Keron Mcleish

Keron McLeish is the owner of Droid Island and has over 10+ years of international experience working for some of the biggest brands in mobile such as Apple, Telus, and Rogers. He is located in Trinidad and Tobago and is a trusted mobile expert in the region. In his off time, he can be found shooting airballs on the basketball court or eating a bake and shark on the beach.

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