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The Top 2016 Devices Between $2500-$4000

So we are in the 4th quarter of 2017 which means its time for deals season. We are always on the hunt here in Trinidad & Tobago for the best phones at the lowest prices. So I decided to compile a list of some amazing phones from 2016, that range between the prices of $2500-$4000ttd. Now because in T&T pricing is always a bit difficult to judge, prices online do not reflect what they actually cost once it reaches Trinidad.

 So the phones between these ranges, I have taken into consideration of what they would cost when they pass through customs. If you go online and see a different price and are able to get it cheaper or have someone bring it in for you, great, but fear not if you have to order it or buy these devices locally. That being said, check out these amazing devices that are still major heavy hitters in 2017.


Motorola Moto Z


Motorola Moto Z – ($3200)

Specs: Snapdragon 820 CPU, 32/64gb storage w/ 4gb of RAM, expandable storage up to 256gb, 5.5 Quad HD display, 13mp rear cam w/OIS, 5mp front camera, Nougat 7.1.1 upgradeable to 8.0, 2600mAh battery.

Notable Features: Motorola boasts some of the best software outside of the Pixel series as they keep their software close to stock as possible which results in some of the fastest upgrade times. Also, the Moto mods are a hit with the expandable battery, 360 cameras and JBL Soundboost 2.


Oneplus 3T


Oneplus 3T – $3800

Specs: Snapdragon 821 cpu, 64/128gb storage w/ 6gb of RAM, 5.5 1080p Optic Amoled, 16mp rear camera, 16mp front camera, 3400mAh battery w/ dash charging, Nougat 7.1.1 w/ Oxygen OS , Dual sim.

Notable Features:  The Oneplus 3T goes down as one of the best smartphones buys of 2016. The power, build quality, camera quality, dash charging, and Oxygen O/S. Oxygen O/S is probably the best skin for Android that is on the market. It is basically stock Android with the right set of add-ons to make it a very compelling package.


XIaomi Mi 5s


Xiaomi Mi 5S – $2900

Specs: Snapdragon 821 cpu, 64/128gb storage, 3/4gb of RAM, 12mp rear camera, 4mp front camera, 5.1” 1080p IPS display, Android 6.0 upgradeable to 7.1.1, 3200mAh battery w/ Quickcharge 3.0, dual sim.

Notable Features: A steal in 2017! One of the more affordable devices sporting a Snapdragon 821 CPU. Build quality is good, performance is stellar, and this device takes some pretty good pictures with its Sony IMX378 sensor. This is the upgraded camera sensor that’s in the Nexus 5X, 6p, and HTC 10.


Xiaomi Mi Note 2


Xiaomi Mi Note 2 – $3800

Specs: Snapdragon 821 CPU, 5.7” 1080p AMOLED display, 64/128gb storage, 4/6gb of RAM, 22.5mp Sony IMX 318 rear camera, 8mp front facing camera, 4070mAh battery w/ quickcharge 3.0., dual sim.

Notable Features: The 5.7” device is one of the better phablets of 2016. The display is helped with it being AMOLED, so you are getting the deep blacks, high contrast, punchy colours and the 1080p display aids a lot to even better battery life with its 4070mAh cell. Camera and build quality are quite good, and this is another gem in 2017 due to its affordability.


Huawei Honor 8


Huawei Honor 8 – $3200

Specs: Kirin 950 CPU, 5.2” LTPS 1080p LCD, 32/64gb storage, expandable memory to 256gb,  3/4gb of RAM, Dual 12mp rear camera, 8mp front camera, 3000mAh battery w/ fast charging, dual sim.

Notable features: Can someone say build quality. The reflective glass design that Honor started with really took the market by storm. Such designs you would usually think came from the more premium-priced handsets, so it was good to see such designs on the more affordable flagships. Due to the Kirin 950 processor as well, the device performs like a dream and has above avg photography.


ZTE Axon 7


ZTE Axon 7 – $3800

Specs: Snapdragon 820, 64gb storage, 4gb of RAM, 5.5” Quad HD AMOLED display, 20mp rear camera, 8mp front camera, 3250mAh battery w/ Quickcharge 3.0, Dolby Atmos sound, dual sim, expandable memory to 256gb, Nougat 7.1.1, Stereo speakers, dual sim.

Notable Features: Where do we begin? The ZTE Axon 7 is probably the most well-rounded device ever made.  Excellent quality, above avg camera, the Quad HD AMOLED panel is excellent, battery life will get you through the day plus it supports Quickcharge 3.0. ZTE has been updating software and security patches at a high rate. The stereo speakers on this device are still arguably the best on the market even in 2017 and it has a built-in HiFi DAC to power high-end headphones. This device is still very relevant and the Snapdragon 820 is more than capable even in 2017.


Lenovo Zuk Z2


Lenovo ZUK Z2 – $2700

Specs: Snapdragon 820, 32/64gb storage, 3/4gb of RAM, 5.0” 1080p IPS LCD display, 13mp rear camera, 8mp front camera, 3500mAh battery, dual sim.

Notable Features: Affordability, a smaller display, with a good size battery, packing high-end specs make the Zuk Z2 a very good device to grab in 2017.


HTC 10


HTC 10 – $3600

Specs:  Snapdragon 820 CPU, 32/64gb of storage, 4gb of RAM, 5.2” Quad HD Super LCD 5, 12mp rear camera w/ OIS, 5mp front camera, Boomsound stereo speakers, Headphone amp, 3000mAh battery w/ Quickcharge 3.0

Notable Features: The HTC 10 is every audiophile/gamer/media consumers type of phone. The boomsound speakers mixed with the 5.2” Quad HD display and the headphone amp, really make this a great package for the intended users.  The camera is ok, the Ultrapixel sensors used to let in more light work very good but sometimes can wash out the colours in the picture. Performance is excellent with the Snapdragon 820 as well.


LG V20


LG V20 – $3600

Specs: Snapdragon 820 CPU, 32/64gb storage, 4gb of RAM, 5.7” Quad HD IPS LCD w/ secondary 160×1040 display, Dual 16mp rear camera w/ OIS, 5mp front camera, Quad Dac, Military standard compliance rating, removable 3200mAH battery w/ Quickcharge 3.0.

Notable Features: The V20 was the most feature packed device of 2016 and now the prices that one could grab one of these bad boys for making it an even better option in 2017. It missed out the mark for the Snapdragon 821, so its sporting the 820 which is still a very capable CPU. It was the only flagship device that still came with a removable battery. The Quad Dac make for some of the best audio on a smartphone to date only to really be beaten by the newer V30. The secondary display has a lot of utility when setup and lastly it comes with the military grade certification, which means it has survived a min of 26 drops from 4ft onto 2-inches of plywood on top of concrete.


Samsung S7


Samsung S7 (Single Sim Variant) – $3800

Specs: Exynos 8890 CPU, 32/64gb of storage, 4gb of RAM, 5.1” Quad HD Super AMOLED display, 12mp rear camera w/ OIS, 5mp front camera, IP68 certified, Nougat 7.0, 3000mAh battery w/ Quickcharge 2.0.

Notable Features: The S7 did 3 things very very very well. Awesome display, amazing camera experience and top-notch build quality. IP68 made sure the device can be submerged for those underwater shots. If you wanted one of the best cameras of 2016 at a decent price, the S7 (single sim variant) will fit the bill.


As always, if you guys have any questions about the devices here to see if they will fit your needs. You guys can give us a call or send a message and we will gladly shed some light on these devices for you. 




Keron Mcleish

Keron McLeish is the owner of Droid Island and has over 10+ years of international experience working for some of the biggest brands in mobile such as Apple, Telus, and Rogers. He is located in Trinidad and Tobago and is a trusted mobile expert in the region. In his off time, he can be found shooting airballs on the basketball court or eating a bake and shark on the beach.

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