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Why Samsung Continues To Win!

The days of playing second fiddle to a then Steve Jobs Apple company, are such a distant memory at this point. It used to be Apple who was the innovators in the mobile world, mixing in their almost hypnotic like advertising that had people camping out in front of stores days prior to a product release. Heck, people use to fly in from other countries and line up outside of the Apple store just to get their hands on the latest products (they still do).

Samsung back then, while they made some good android devices never could seem to top Apple. Steve Jobs passed, Apple lost their identity in the innovation department and the roles seem to have reversed. Samsung became the leaders in product innovation and the ones with the best marketing strategy in the game.

It’s 2018, Samsung still holds 23% of the global smartphone market share and have become more than just a product, they are now a symbol of status, just like Apple, Jordans, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Samsung seems to always win, even when for the past few years you could argue, that they have not made the best phones in the flagship space, and that race becomes even more competitive when you talk about the mid-range and budget space. They make great all-around phones but Samsung leads the competition in the category of displays and that’s an area they are probably not going to be surpassed on anytime soon. 

So why and how does Samsung remain on top from a tech perspective? (We are excluding the marketing aspect). To me, Samsung is the swiss army knife of the mobile world. They jam pack so many features into their devices, that its hard for the average person not to pick up one of their devices. The argument is that Samsung overdoes it with features and that you don’t use half of them, and I agree. But they also pack a ton of useable features the average person will put to use whether they know it or not.

Common usable features are what I describe as features that the average person uses daily, that they may not even know is there or fully understand it but appreciate. Let me break that down for you guys. There are speciality features that people seek out for their own purposes that not everyone needs or cares about, ex the 120hz screen on the Razer gaming phone or wireless charging, great features but not household things people require just yet. 

Then you have features like a great camera, excellent screen, quality audio from the headphone jack and phone speakers, water resistance, dual sim or sd card support, fast charging. These are features that everyone, whether they are a techie or not, will put to use and enjoy.

Samsung has done the best job at packing in so many of these features that it just doesn’t make sense to try another brand that you may not have even heard about. Here in Trinidad & Tobago, the top of the line Samsung devices may be a bit out of budget for some, but even their A8 series devices have water resistance now and you usually do not see this feature reach the mid-range devices.

The S9 is really going to be one of the first devices that packs almost every feature you can think of into one device. The day Samsung steps up their battery and software experience, it is going to be very hard to compete with them given the fact that they also have the biggest marketing and R&D budget of all manufacturers.

While there are many many many other amazing manufacturers creating great products, Samsung remains to have that “IT” factor. The Google Pixel series top Samsung’s best devices on their worst day but lack the appeal to the general public and will always stay in the hearts of enthusiasts. Huawei is making some of the best devices on the market, but until they can crack the US market and gain popularity, they can never really seriously challenge Samsung in the eyes of the public no matter how great their products are.

So what do you guys think? To the general consumer, can there be another manufacturer to win their hearts or will Samsung be the peoples choice for years to come?

Keron Mcleish

Keron McLeish is the owner of Droid Island and has over 10+ years of international experience working for some of the biggest brands in mobile such as Apple, Telus, and Rogers. He is located in Trinidad and Tobago and is a trusted mobile expert in the region. In his off time, he can be found shooting airballs on the basketball court or eating a bake and shark on the beach.

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