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Warranty & Return

Smartphones: All smartphones purchased via our website or in-store are subject to 90 days manufacturers warranty. 

Physical damage, moisture damage, fire, stolen or lost devices are not covered under the manufacturers defect policy. 

Due to the types of devices and manufacturers that we deal with, to exercise our warranty, we must ship the devices back to our manufacturers to have certified technicians repair the device. The repair process can take 2-4 weeks depending on shipping and handling times. Loaner devices can be provided once we have them available.  


Android TV Boxes: All Android TV boxes are subject to 90 days manufacturers warranty. 

Physical, moisture, fire, electrical damage, nor lost or stolen boxes are covered under the warranty.

If apps have stopped working due to the developers no longer supporting applications, Droid Island is not responsible for the upkeep of said applications. 

Return Policy: All returns must be conducted within 24hrs of purchase date. Devices must be in reselling condition, accessories unused, or return will be subjected to 10% restocking fee. 

D.O.A: All devices are tested with clients in store for quality assurance purposes. If a device malfunctions within 48 hours of purchase, Droid Island will exchange or refund client. After 48 hours, the smartphone will be subjected to our warranty procedures.

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